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Jimmy Deguara in the field as the storm rolls in!Jimmy Deguara during a Daily Telegraph article
Welcome to Violent Skies. "Violent Skies" originated from the fascination of our photographers with atmospheric violence! Imagine being there in person to witness nature exploding to reveal some of the most amazing spectacles - captivating electrified lightning shows, deafening thunder and some of the most amazing colours only nature can provide. Imagine if you were there in person - the anticipation, the suspense and then finally reality when nature reveals its secrets over several hours! This is the most captivating photographic or video shoots that you cannot plan but do your best to capture when the opportunities arise. This has been the experience of our partners for over 25 years. Enjoy the journey - be it the spectacular collection of images or fully edited stock storm footage. Or perhaps you wish to go for a ride yourself. We do provide professional photographers and film enthusiasts weather related services and trips out to gather those elusive shots! Don't try the guess work - let our experience do the work for you.

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